At the midpoint of the 2019-2020 season, RUBBERBAND can look back and see that many of its most cherished goals were met in 2019, having:

  • PRESENTEDEver So Slightly at the prestigious JOYCE Theater in New York. The programming director, Aaron Mattocks, had this to say:

‘”The Joyce was thrilled to open its 19/20 season, featuring live music for all performances in 2019, with RUBBERBAND making its Joyce Theater debut with the U.S. premiere of Ever So Slightly. The show was a creative triumph and a huge hit with our audiences. The company played to 83% of sales capacity, over 7 performances, with more than 2,500 people in attendance—a very successful first-time presentation!’”

  • TOURED with 2 productions simultaneously, Vic’s Mix and Ever So Slightly, in Quebec, Canada, and the United States. 23 performances attracting more than 8000 spectators, a dozen meetings with the public, and a mediation workshop were held. Thankyou to our agents Élisabeth Comtois of Agence Station Bleue (QC\CA) and Sandy Garcia of Pentacle (U.S.A.).
  • BROUGHT IN the company and trained in the RUBBERBAND Method 2 new emerging dancers. Bravo to Jessica Muszynski, and Jontae McCrory.
  • MADE time for choreographer Victor Quijada to work on the creation of Trenzado, our next production. Thankyou to dramaturge Mathieu Leroux.
  • BEEN THRILLED by the nomination of Victor Quijada for the Charles-Biddle Award. Bravo to fellow nominee Dulcinea Langfelder and winner Dena Davida.
  • SUPPORTEDthe dedication of our executive director, Fannie Bellefeuille, who was re-elected to the board of the Regroupement québécois de la danse.
  • WELCOMED a new communications officer, Julie Laviolette, to the RBDG team.
  • LAUCHED THE SEARCH for a new lighting designer and a technical and stage director. Thankyou to Yan Lee Chan for his talent and energy over the last decade.
  • CROWNED THE YEAR’S ACHIEVEMENTS with the largest group of dancers ever to register in the Winter Intensive on the RUBBERBAND Method, December 9 to 20, 2019.

This intensive workshop for professional and/or experienced dancers, in its 4th year, is now a December tradition in Montreal. With the Winter Intensive, RUBBERBAND not only wishes to highlight its Method, but also draw attention to our city in winter, with its characteristic artistic effervescence.

This year, near to 30 dancers of diverse horizons (e.g., Juilliard, Parsons, HSDC, UNCSA) are working with our dancers to master the basics of the RUBBERBAND style: a blend of the purity of classical formalism and the raw dynamic of hip hop and breakdance.

  • NOT FORGETTING THE UNVEILING of the new logo for the Winter Intensive, letter perfect for this new urban tradition:

Wishing all of you a happy, restful holiday on the way to a great 2020!