General job description

The technical director is responsible for ensuring that the overall technical components of the company’s performances and activities are properly carried out in Montreal and on tour in Quebec, the rest of Canada, and in other countries. He/she finds practical solutions to the technical challenges issuing from the aesthetic choices of the creation team. He/she plans the technicians’ work hours, manages the technical material, and directs the tech crews during set-up and tear-down, both on tour and in Montreal. He/she ensures that there is an effective link between the company and presenters regarding his/her area of expertise. As stage manager, he/she ensures that the lighting and sound equipment is working properly for performances in Montreal and on tour.

Position in the company hierarchy

The technical director is under the authority of the company’s artistic director. At the same time, he/she will work in close collaboration with the production director and the executive director of the company, as well as with all the other participants in the company’s various projects.

Tasks and responsibilities

1. Creation

  • To ensure that the aesthetic choices established by the creation team are satisfied at all times;
  • To solve, in consultation with the creation team and the artistic collaborators, any problems associated with the realization of the concepts they have developed;
  • To attend the production meetings;
  • To support the production director, the executive director, and the artistic director according to their needs and priorities;
  • To draw up, when required, budget estimates regarding the transportation of equipment/material, storage and maintenance costs, etc.;
  • To plan for and carry out the purchase and/or rental of specialized equipment;
  • To ensure an effective link, in the matter of artistic requirements, with the tech crews in the places where the company rehearses and/or performs;
  • To establish the schedules and direct the work of members of the tech crew during set-up and tear-down;
  • To produce written set-up and tear-down guidelines and draw up, keep, and update the stage management book.

2. Touring

  • To participate in the drawing-up of the technical rider for tours for each of the company’s activities and performances;
  • To maintain an updated inventory of sets, costumes, props, and technical material for each production;
  • To participate in preparing the ATA Carnet;
  • To meet with and carry out technical analyses with presenters, when required;
  • To draw up a list of materials and technical needs for every presentation venue;
  • To draw up a list of human resource and timing requirements for every presentation venue;
  • To draw up a set-up and tear-down schedule in collaboration with the presenter’s technical staff;
  • To ensure that the transportation of equipment/material to the performance venue by the transport company and by the presenter’s team is done properly;
  • To be present during unloading, set-up, focus stage assembly (FSA), effects programming, calibration, tear-down, and reloading of all the equipment and other elements of the staging;
  • To solve, in collaboration with teams on site, any problems arising during set-up or performances;
  • To ensure that schedules are respected;
  • To direct and supervise the packing of equipment and participate in casing, shipping, loading, and unloading for transportation purposes;
  • To act as the company’s official representative in the absence of a member of the permanent team;
  • To produce a summary of tour expenses, accompanied by corresponding receipts;
  • To ensure the professional behaviour of the company’s technical crew during tours;
  • In the absence of the tour director, to ensure that costumes are cleaned regularly;
  • To administer the petty cash for technical matters, when applicable;
  • To ensure the proper maintenance of the equipment/material (the approval of the executive director is required in the case of major problems);
  • To ensure that the work environment and access to dressing rooms, wings, and the stage are safe for everyone at all times;
  • To welcome the company artists and tour director at the presentation venue for every activity and help familiarize them with the venue;
  • To ensure that standards of public security and civil, road, and workplace safety are respected;
  • To act as lighting and sound boards operator during the performances on tour in Quebec, the rest of Canada, and in other countries.

3. Human resources

  • To ensure that new employees are well integrated;
  • To provide training for members of the technical crew;
  • To respect the terms of the contracts of the artists and members of the technical crew as well as the laws, standards, and agreements in force;
  • To ensure a harmonious and productive work atmosphere.

4. Other

  • To ensure the maintenance of the storage space; to control access to keys;
  • To ensure the storage of stage equipment and to keep a complete updated inventory of it;
  • To carry out any other assignment or task as requested by the executive director and the artistic director.

Working conditions

Part-time employment determined by the company’s calendar.

Remuneration according to the candidate’s level of experience and depending on the financial capacity of the company. To submit your candidacy, please send your CV and your portfolio no later than December 1, 2019, to: