Duration: 60 minutes
Year of production: 2022

Choreography: Victor Quijada
Original casting: Minh Tuan Jean Bui, Paco Ziel, Brontë Poiré-Prest, Rion Taylor, Daniela Jezerinac, Jessica Joy Muszynski, Jovick Pavajeau-Orostegui, Emma Lynn Mackay-Ronacher, Cindy Mateus, Wyeth Walker, Sierra Kellman, Zao Dinel (Mackenzie Corrales: performer during creation)
Artistic Coordination: Paco Ziel
Lighting Design: Jon Cleveland
Costume Design: Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Musical Direction, Co-Composer: Jasper Gahunia
Musician: William Lamoureux
Composers: Chilly Gonzales, Kid Koala (original creations), Vlooper & KenLo Craqnuques (original creations and repertoire tracks)
Chilly Gonzales: Music from album Solo Piano III performed by Chilly Gonzales
Written by Jason “Chilly Gonzales” Beck (SACEM)
Published by Gentle Threat Ltd (SACEM)
Courtesy of Gentle Threat Ltd
Dramaturgy: Mathieu Leroux
Technical Direction: Marcin Bunar
Head Machinist: Philippe Lafrance
Scenography Consulting: Pierre-Étienne Locas
Production and Tour Manager: Diana Catalina Cardenas
Executive Director: Fannie Bellefeuille
Director of Communications: Salomé Boniface
Promotional materials (photo and video): Arnaud Vaillancourt, Marie-Noële Pilon, Damian Siqueiros, Sasha Onyshchenko 

Photos (from top to bottom, left to right) © 1) Marie-Noële Pilon / Performer: Daniela Jezerinac. 2) Sasha Onyshchenko. 3) Sasha Onyshchenko / Performers: Rion Taylor, Cindy Mateus. 4) Sasha Onyshchenko / Performer: Daniela Jezerinac

RUBBERBAND‘s new creation, Reckless Underdog, takes the company’s work of the past twenty years further than ever. Bigger than ever, the show features 12 dancers who come together in a three-act choreography. Each part offers a unique proposition; three distinct universes, in terms of stage space, aesthetic choices and music.

The first, inspired by classical ballet, takes place in a circumscribed and luminous environment where the rules of pas de deux are redefined. The second, more experimental, distorts certain theatrical codes within a colored space and confronts the bodies with an abstract and minimal approach to movement. The last one deconstructs the practice of break cypher, in a dark, oppressive, but festive atmosphere.

For Victor Quijada, artistic director and choreographer, a new era is opening for the company. Reckless Underdog promises to take us on a lyrical and figurative dissection of movement, boldly exploring the limits of time and space.

Reckless Underdog is a coproduction of RUBBERBAND, Danse Danse, Diffusion Hector-Charland and Le Carré 150, as well as a residency project supported by La danse sur les routes du Québec, Salle Pauline-Julien and ASU Gammage.

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal. Thank you to Annie-Claude Coutu-Geoffroy for her support and Caisse de la Culture for their support for the project Training of the next generation | RUBBERBAND Method.