The hallmark of the company, the RUBBERBAND Method comprises a unique choreographic vocabulary developed by Victor Quijada. It is now taught throughout the world in university programs, workshops, and master classes.

Fascinated by the raw dynamic of hip-hop/break and the purity of classical formalism, Quijada has been demolishing barriers between these contrasting dance styles for more than 20 years now. The RUBBERBAND Method initiates participants to movements issuing from the blending of urban and contemporary dance, with a focus on interpretation, decision-taking, the use of rhythmic variations, and partnering. This movement technique emphasizes transitioning from vertical to horizontal and prepares dancers with classical or contemporary training for floor work.

Workshops in the RUBBERBAND Method are offered to established professional dancers who want to diversify their expressive language, as well as to advanced dance students.


Our Summer Intensive was a huge success in June, and we’re delighted to announce the dates and details for WINTER INTENSIVE 2023, which promises to be rich in learning, encounters and movement in Montreal once again:

10-day training – December 4 to 15, 2023
(Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday, depending on your group)
Rate: $975 CAD + taxes (total $1121 CAD)

5-day training – Between December 4 and 9, 2023 OR between December 11 and 15, 2023
(Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday, depending on your group)
Rate: $550 CAD + taxes (total $632.36 CAD)

TIMETABLE (subject to change)

10 h 00 – 11 h 15 : Class
11 h 15 – 11 h 30 : Break
11 h 30 – 13 h 30 : Workshop
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Lunch
2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.: Workshop


This workshop, led by the company’s performers, will offer participants the chance to learn about the RUBBERBAND Method and our repertoire.

Workshop participants can expect 5 to 10 days of intense work on the RUBBERBAND Method. Weight distribution around the centre of gravity; agility in the inverse position supported by hands, elbows, and shoulders; and the use of the body as an instrument of multidirectional/tridimensional carving tool for space will all be taught. Participants will be initiated to a vocabulary issuing from the blend of street and contemporary dance, with a particular focus on interpretation, decision-making, the use of rhythmic variations, and accompaniment.


Here are the dancers of the company who will teach during the 2023 edition of our Winter Intensive:
Rion Taylor, Daniela Jezerinac, Jessica Muszynski, Cindy Mateus, Wyeth Walker, Jovick Pavajeau-Orostegui, Paco Ziel


In June 2023, six performers of the company directed the Summer Intensive:
Rion Taylor, Paco Ziel, Jessica Joy Muszynski, Jean Bui, Daniela Jezerinac, Jovick Pavajeau-Orostegui

Photos © Sasha Onyshchenko