Vraiment doucement / Ever So Slightly

RUBBERBAND is honoured to begin its 2019-2020 season with 7 performances of its work EVER SO SLIGHTLY at the JOYCE Theater in New York from September 17 to 22, 2019. The JOYCE is one of the only American theatres built BY dancers FOR dance, which explains our . . . JOY!

Marking a transition for RUBBERBAND, the creation of EVER SO SLIGHTLY, conceived for a large stage and featuring 10 dancer-athletes and 2 live musicians, has fulfilled the company’s long-held desire to present works in venues that were previously inaccessible.  It has also allowed the company to offer presenters and faithful audiences a multidisciplinary work of impressive magnitude.

For 2019-2020, the company has entered into new partnerships while also renewing collaborations with presenters familiar with the RUBBERBAND Method. EVER SO SLIGHTLY will travel to 9 cities in the United States and Canada (New York, Victoriaville, Amherst, Boston, Québec, Longueuil, Vancouver, Seattle, Dallas) to give some 20 performances in venues and festivals known for showcasing the best of dance.

EVER SO SLIGHTLY explores the behavioural mechanisms and reflexes we’ve developed to deal with the ceaseless flow of irritants that bombard us every day. Simultaneously delivering delicacy, brutality, finesse, and high-voltage action, Victor Quijada conveys all the energy contained in urgency, revolt, chaos, and flight.

Photo: Marie-Noële Pilon


A celebration of choreographer Victor Quijada’s trajectory during the last few years, VIC’S MIX is far from overshadowed. This adroitly arranged anthology of the best excerpts from the company’s works is also criss-crossing the United States, the Canadian West, and Quebec in 2019-2020.

A mixture of musical and choreographic genres and of the emotions conveyed, VIC’S MIX shifts between urban and classical dance and between tension and humour. This is precisely why it is an excellent introduction to Quijada’s movement vocabulary. The performers’ skill and strength as they ceaselessly adapt to the different levels of intensity stand out, as does the lighting, sharply sculpting the space and the dancers’ bodies.

VIC’S MIX: 16 dates in 15 venues in the United States, Canada, and Quebec.

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Vraiment doucement / Ever So Slightly