Year of production: 2023

Choreography: Victor Quijada
Performers in the video:

Victor Quijada
Paco Ziel
Jean Bui
Sydney McManus
Amara Barner

Commissions Suite
Zack Tang
Franklin Luy
Jean Bui
Sovann Prom-Tep
Lea Ved
Lavinia Vago
Arielle Locke

Artistic coordination: Rion Taylor
Music direction: Jasper Gahunia
Production and tour direction: Diana Catalina Cardenas
Executive direction: Fannie Bellefeuille
Communications direction: Salomé Boniface

Photos (top to bottom / left to right) © 1-3-4) David Wong 2) Bill Hebert

Victor Quijada‘s particularly intimate new work, Second Chances, is inspired by his experience in Los Angeles as a first-generation Mexican American. Returning to the stage as a performer, Victor explores themes of identity and homeland. The show includes excerpts from Trenzado, which features a soundtrack by composer and DJ Jasper Gahunia, sampling traditional Mexican norteño music (corridos and ranchera).

In addition to Trenzado, this repertory program also includes Commissions Suite, a reconstruction of two works originally choreographed by Quijada for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (Physikal Linguistiks) and Scottish Dance Theater (Second Coming). A soundtrack by Jasper Gahunia provides the landscape as seven performers navigate the chaos.

Second Chances invites Quijada and the audience to delve deep inside themselves, reflecting on origin, belonging and displacement, between universal questions and intimate, personal thoughts.